Learn some simple, tried and true icebreakers that can help chip away the frost and warm a GAL/CASA child’s heart. Below, explore age-appropriate icebreakers that will enable a GAL/CASA volunteer to pinpoint areas where the child may need help.

Going Beyond "Good Job"

Current research shows that we had it all wrong. As it turns out, using empty praises such as, “you’re so smart,” and "good job," does more to harm kids’ self-esteem than build it. Learn phrases other empty praises to encourage CASA children. Going_beyond_Good_Job.pdf

Learn - Comment - Ask - Connect

Where should a CASA begin when finding ways to "break the ice" with a new CASA child. This handy 4 step process will help you to get started. Learn_Comment_Ask_Connect.pdf

All About Me: Get to know you sheet

Get to know a child by helping them fill out an All About Me sheet. Download 20 different All About Me sheet options and pick which one is best suited for your CASA child. All_About_Me.pdf

Alphabet Beach Ball

Alphabet Beach Ball is a game that can be played in a room, in a backyard, or at a park. It is really versatile. Children love to talk! This is a great way to get to know a child just a little better. Alphabet_Beach_Ball.pdf

Fortune Teller aka Cootie Catcher

A fortune teller is a form of origami used in children's games. Parts of the fortune teller are labelled with colors or numbers that serve as options for a player to choose from, and on the inside are eight flaps, each concealing a message or question. This is a great tool to use to open up communication with your CASA child. Cootie_Catcher.pdf

Dice Game

Keep your CASA kids moving when they’re stuck inside with this simple roll the exercise or question dice game! This game requires minimal materials so it’s easy for everyone to get some exercise or get to know each other! Dice.pdf


Play-Doh—it's the childhood favorite that every parent loves (and loves to hate for its messiness). This modeling clay was originally made as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s but was reborn as an educational toy in the 1950s. Play dough is the perfect toy for kids of all ages because it is non-toxic and reusable. This activity is also great to use with a CASA child who may have anger issues or sensory processing disorder. Play-Doh.pdf

More Activities to Come...