The Community Boards of Allen County CASA

The Citizens Advisory Board is a group of community volunteers who assist the court and CASA Program in developing and revising policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality of advocacy for abused and neglected children in Allen County. Current members include

  • Suzan Rutz - Attorney, Board Chair
  • Chris Dunn- Director – Director, Youth Services Center (Emergency Youth Shelter)
  • Amy Dahm Just - Director, Youth Services Bureau
  • Melissa Hayden - Allen County Local Office Director, Department of Child Services
  • Jo'Netta Neeley - Victim's Assistance Program
  • Gayle Newton - CASA Volunteer
  • Keston Smith - CASA Volunteer
  • Stacey Speith - Prosecutor's Office
  • Kyra Nolan Thompson - Student Placement Manager, Fort Wayne Community Schools

The Allen County CASA Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is governed by a volunteer board of directors with diverse experience and skills. The Coalition raises funds to recruit, train, and support our volunteers. Current board members include:

  • John Brita - Banker
  • Nick Ciocca - Business Owner
  • Ann Escosa Griffin - Community Member with experience in Public Affairs, Education, and Case Management
  • Anita Mather - Allen County Recorder and CASA Volunteer
  • John Ocken - Financial Manager
  • Lori Stinson - Realtor

What all these people have in common is a dedication to helping abused and neglected children and a passion to see every child in their communities receive the support and guidance of a CASA volunteer, which they so desperately need while they are in foster care.

Please contact Nancy Springer at (260) 449-7190 or Email if you are interested in serving in a leadership role with Allen County CASA Program.